West Window Restoration – Good News

St Peter’s west window

The work has started!

Please pray for everyone involved in the work including scaffolders, masons, builders and glaziers.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project.

Thank you to Harriet and Ralph in applying for grants. Various organisations have agreed to give grants including Viridor Credits (Landfill Communities Fund), the Allchurches Trust and the Duchy of Lancaster. We are very grateful to these organisations.

Thank you to the church members who have contributed financially (over £15,000).

Thank you to local community groups.  Your letters of support have assisted us in our applications for the grants. 

The cost of the renovation will be over £100,000.

The West Window needs repairing and restoring.  It is in a poor state of repair, and lets in water when it rains.  This work is important to enable our Sunday worship and community activities to continue at St Peter’s into the future.

 Please continue to support this work in your prayers.

For the press release, click here.