West Window Restoration Project

St Peter’s west window

The West Window needs repairing and restoring.  It is in a poor state of repair due to weathering, and it lets in water when it rains.  This work is important to ensure the building is properly maintained to enable our Sunday worship and community activities to continue into the future.

The cost of this renovation is over £100,000.  We have appealed to church members for financial contributions, and have now exceeded our initial target of £15,000!  We are very thankful for this generosity.  Thank you so much.  

We have also applied for grant assistance from a number of institutions, and have currently been successful with the Duchy of Lancaster and Allchurches Trust.  For these we are also very grateful.  We are currently awaiting the outcome of one further significant grant application (as of October 2020).

Additionally, we are grateful for the support of a number of local community groups.  Their letters of support have assisted us in our applications for the grants.  Thank you.

Please continue to support this work in your prayers.