West Window Restoration – completed!

There will be an opportunity to view it at the Heritage Open Day on Saturday 11th September.

At some point in the future we hope to illuminate it so that it can be seen from outside.

We had a special event to thank God and everyone involved with the work at 7pm on Tuesday 27th July at St Peter’s.

Click here to download a press release.

Thank you to: everyone involved in the work including scaffolders, masons, builders and glaziers.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project.

Thank you to Harriet and Ralph in applying for grants. Various organisations have agreed to give grants including Viridor Credits (Landfill Communities Fund), the Allchurches Trust and the Duchy of Lancaster. We are very grateful to these organisations.

Thank you to the church members who have contributed financially (over £15,000).

Thank you to local community groups.  Your letters of support have assisted us in our applications for the grants. 

The cost of the renovation will be over £100,000.