Messy Church at St Mark’s

Messy Church logo © The Bible Reading Fellowship 2019

Messy Church is brilliant for everyone.  It’s church – but it’s probably not church as you remember or imagine it!  It’s great for all ages, though it’s definitely families with younger children who seem to love St Mark’s Messy Church the most –    perhaps that’s got something to do with all the mess!

There are no Messy Church events planned at the moment, but we hope to restart them in the future.

The doors open for Messy Church at St Mark’s at 4pm and you’ll discover the day’s theme through a whole range of different crafts and activities for all ages to have a go at together.  And there’s always a brew and soft drinks available – and perhaps a biscuit or two.  At about 4.45pm everyone goes into church together for a lively 15 minutes of (action) songs, a Bible story and some interactive prayers.  Then we all go back to the meeting room together for tea and pudding before everyone heads home at about 5.30pm.


It’s a brilliant way to spend a Sunday afternoon and – best of all – it’s all free (though it’s great for us if some people can afford to give us a donation to help with the costs of the crafts and food).  Please don’t worry if you haven’t got the money – come along anyway – the more the merrier!

Click here if you want to find out more about Messy Church all over the UK – and the world.

Hope you’ll come along and join us next month. Bring all your family, friends and neighbours with you too.

What are you waiting for?  See you at Messy Church!