Congregational Prayer in Church

(Photo: St Peter’s).

Starting 14th July, Tuesdays 2 – 3pm at St Peter’s

Starting 22nd July, Wednesdays 2 – 3pm at St Mark’s

Bible reading -> short reflection -> prayer

In order to show our love for our brothers and sisters there are some precautions:

  1. If you feel unwell, please stay at home.
  2. Maintain social distancing of 2m.
  3. Wear a face covering.
  4. Use the hand sanitizer provided coming in and going out.
  5. The kitchen will not be available (at least for the first few weeks).
  6. Only sit on the chairs / pews indicated.
  7. Do not socialise with others inside the church building – have a socially distanced chat outside.

For our full risk assessment document see our “Policies” page.