The history of our churches is the history of the people who have worshipped the living God.

Our church buildings have provided us with a place to meet for worship. They also have a history, which you may like to read about below.

You are very welcome to come and visit our church buildings. To find out when we are open please see other pages of the website or contact us via the contact page.

Our buildings





St Peter’s church was built in 1860 but is now the combined parishes of St Peter with St Andrew.  The interior has been modernised so, today, the main church space is carpeted and has movable chairs.  There is also a large meeting room to the rear of the church with a kitchen on the ground floor and also an Upper Room. This Upper Room made a TV appearance in the late 1990s when it was redesigned by Changing Rooms’ Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen in a swap with the local Baptist Church!

For information about Sunday services and midweek activities at St Peter’s, click here.


St Mark’s church opened its doors in 1908 to serve the growing community of the Tallyrand or Back Levenshulme area, as the eastern part of Levenshulme was known locally at the time.  Prior to this, from 1883, meetings had been held in the Old Mission Room.  The number of worshippers grew too large for the space and, so, in 1894 they moved into the New Church School Building, where they remained until the church itself was built.  Today, St Mark’s church has a lovely warm and modern meeting space with a large kitchen (click here for details about making bookings) while the main church area has retained a more traditional feel with the original pews, and parquet and tiled flooring.

For information about Sunday services and midweek activities at St Mark’s, click here.